Dravyaguna Dept. deals with the quality (Pharmacognostical & Pharmacological) of drugs (Herbal/Mineral/Animal origin products etc.) Here we teach students to identify the drugs, how to use them, how they work in the body, what effect they show on the human body & in which diseases they work. The subject deals with basic principles of mode of action of drug & detailed study of herbal drugs, thus creating platform for therapeutic application of herbs.

Herbal Garden

There are total 1468 plants of near about 272 species are cultivated in the Herbal Garden with rare species. For some vital species there is big green house developed in our herbal garden.

Demonstration Room

There is a demonstration room of almost 400 sq.ft. for the practical and demonstration purpose for the benefit of students.


Herbal drug Museum of this department is worth to mention. It is fulfilled with dry specimens & wet specimens. Herbarium sheets of rare medicinal plants with their photographs & Informative Charts. 


Department has Well equipped laboratory with advanced equipments & instruments for Pharmacognostical practicals.