‘‘As you probably already know, a large part of learning a new dicipline involves the acquisition of the Vocabulary of the Decipline. You should be able to supply precise definitions for each term listed.’’

Reference – Physiology of Behavior

Department of Kriyasharir of R.T.Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Akola is well equipped & touching up to CCIM norms. 60 students were admitted in 2018-19, while in 2019-20 the number increased to 73 in UG. Kriyasharir teachers believe in facilitating the students, at their best, in theory as well as practicals.

The department insists on the theme ‘Teach to learn & learn to teach’, so the maximum ICT & MET techniques are used with active participation of students. Guest lecturers always empower the students’ approach towards applied aspects. Ultimately students are made aware of ‘‘where Physiology stops Pathology starts.’’