The department of Kayachikitsa is the major clinical department of the faculty. This department is essentially concerned with undergraduate and postgraduate education, research and patient care in the area of Ayurvedic Internal Medicine and its clinical specialties.

The term Kayachikitsa refers in general to the treatment of kayak or somatic diseases engendered by the mal or impaired functioning of agni. It contemplates both curative and palliative measures in addition to to measures, calculated to promotion and preservation of health, strength and longevity, in the healthy.

 The Department conducts subspecialties of Kayachikitsa-Chikitsa (General Medicine), Rasayana and vajikarana (geriatrics and aphrodisiacs), hrid roga & Shwasan Vikar (cardio-respiratory disorders),Madhumeha (diabetes mellitus), Vatvyadhi (Musculoskeletal & Nervous Disorders), udar roga (gastrointestinal disorders), yakrit roga (hepatology), twak roga (skin & VD), manas roga (psychiatry),

The various research activities in the evaluation of efficacy of ayurvedic drugs in various diseases are going on.

Special medical camps organized in rural areas.


  • Well established undergraduate and postgraduate department with library.
  • OPD & IPD unit.
  • Well equipped Intensive Care Unit
  • Special OPD for chikitsa